Gittler Guitar Pickup Humbucker - Israeli Model


289.00  EUR


Gittler Guitar Pickup Humbucker

(for Israeli models only)

This is a completely new kind of pickup: in a similar package you get a longer pickup with a true humbucker inside.

It's almost noiseless and for his higher output level, when connected in series with the other five GITPUHB01-IS pickups, you can even use them directly to the amplifier, without pre-amp.

Of course the signal is not as high as a normal humbucker is, but it's more near to a standard single coil pickup.

The sound is warmer than GITPUSCUS01 single coil pickups, but it's not affected by the loss of high frequencies and harmonics other humbuckers have.

Please note that with this kind of pickup you get less microphonic effect even better than GITPUSCUS01 pickups.

-Please note that this pickups may be used ONLY in the the Israeli model (see the history&docs section for more infos on the models)


-Patented Humbucker pickup

-6.35 mm diameter

-N.2 x 50.8 mm neodymium magnets (total 110.6 mm lenght)

-6.8 KOhm resistance (typical)