Gittler Guitar Pickup Single coil boosted KIT


1,145.00  EUR


Gittler Guitar Pickup Single coil boosted KIT

This is a boosted version, and you'll get 50% more signal output than the original one.

Typically you need this model if you have to replace an original one that is damaged.

It has more wire turns than original pickups and neodymium magnets so the tone and sound are closer to a fender like sound.

Please note that with this kind of pickup you get less microphonic effect than the original one.

-Please note that this pickups may be used both in the US model or in the Israeli model (see the history&docs section for more infos on the models)

With the six pieces KIT you will pay the price of 5 (I.e. one is free!!!!)

This is the full kit of six pickups


-N.6 pickups each has:

  -single coil pickup

  -6.35 mm diameter

  -n.3 x 25.4 mm neodymium magnets (total 76mm lenght)

  -4.5 KOhm resistance (typical)