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APR 27

  posted by Gilead  Limor from  on April 27, 2013 0:25

I am the proud owner of guitar #3 of a series of 20 of Avraham's first handmade minimalistic wood designs (circa 1988 or 1989). This was made of two slabs of shaped 10mm plywood with the frets made of a long nylon cord wrapped around one of them. The strings were tuned with a set of screws and wingnuts and the single pickup sandwiched between the two slabs. A headless screw forms the bridge, and Avraham's Bar Rashi logo is etched on the front slab by the tuning nuts. When the guitar was built, I requested that the number 3 and Avraham's signature be etched on the inner side of one of the slabs. I was told that guitars #1 and #2 of this series were given to Eric Clapton and a member of his band at the time.

The guitar itself is no longer really playable, but I still treasure it. Avraham admitted to me that he was not pleased with the twin plywood slab design and went on to produce a solid oak one, there was too much movement between the two slabs which caused the whole guitar eventually to arch towards the strings.

I can send a picture of this guitar to you if you'd like me to.

I was the engineer of Jerusalem's Keshet Studios at the time and Avraham came to record an album with us on his solid oak prototype. Avraham's son Yonatan used to come by the studio occasionally to record percussion on various recordings. We also gigged together on several occasions.

A few years earlier, I missed the opportunity to buy one of the first 60 Gittler guitars, which was on sale at a music shop owned by guitarist Avner Strauss. I twas too expensive for me at the time, but I did spend a few hours playing it in the shop and loved every minute of it.

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