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Mar 19
  posted by Silvio   from Switzerland on March 19, 2013 23:09

Hi! I am very happy to see Gittler guitars back... with improvements...
Funny tht the new design incorporates the two elements introduced by Astron which so violently infuriated Gittler/Bar Rashi, that is a box for the electronics and a plastic neck back...
In fact they really did adress some existing problems of the design. I think every owner of a Bar Rashi knows that...
It definitely vindicates all the bad rap Astron received for introducing those two changes, from Gittler/Bar Rashi to begin with!
Even the new Gittler Guitar Corp web site (and the CEO in differents interviews I have seen) state that only 60 "original" guitars were ever made. As if the (more or less) 250 Astron hadn't even existed...
So I guess I own a guitar that doesn't exist (#238)
Mar 8
  posted by Steven  Miller from United States on March 08, 2013 6:39

I interviewed Alan around 1976 and wrote it up for The Village Voice. At that time, he frequently played in the street near Astor Place in lower Manhattan. The reverberation pattern from the surrounding buildings wafted the music all through the square. He used an amplifier he had designed and built which was cylindrical, about 15 inches diameter and about the same in length. The barrel was packed with D batteries, making it very heavy. The cylindrical design allowed it to be rolled, guided by a long handle. It was sort of like the roller tool used to flatten lawns during planting.
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