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Mar 19
  posted by Silvio   from Switzerland on March 19, 2013 23:09

Hi! I am very happy to see Gittler guitars back... with improvements...
Funny tht the new design incorporates the two elements introduced by Astron which so violently infuriated Gittler/Bar Rashi, that is a box for the electronics and a plastic neck back...
In fact they really did adress some existing problems of the design. I think every owner of a Bar Rashi knows that...
It definitely vindicates all the bad rap Astron received for introducing those two changes, from Gittler/Bar Rashi to begin with!
Even the new Gittler Guitar Corp web site (and the CEO in differents interviews I have seen) state that only 60 "original" guitars were ever made. As if the (more or less) 250 Astron hadn't even existed...
So I guess I own a guitar that doesn't exist (#238)

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