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Mar 2
  posted by Jim   from United States on March 02, 2012 4:17

#23 here. Original owner - September 1978. Ordered mine from Mr. Gittler after reading the article The Gittler Guitar - Electric Design By Function By Tom Mulhern pages 36,68,72 of the August 1978 issue (Volume 12 Number 8) of Guitar Player magazine (John McLaughlin was pictured on the cover).


[ posted by admin, March 02, 2012 12:05 ]
     Hi !!! I'm very happy to know you as a first type Gittler Guitar owner ... send me photos of your #23 model (detailed if possible) and I'll publish them in this site. Also happy to know that the article published in docs section is from guitar player magazine.... thanks

[ posted by Tom Mulhern, October 29, 2012 22:12 ]
     It's wonderful to see a site devoted to Allan Gittler's brilliant design, and I'm glad that someone still owns original Gittler guitars. I was lucky enough to interview Allan back in the late 1970s, and to meet him at one or two NAMM shows. He was an unusual man, but very focused and unwavering in his commitment to simplicity and playability. If you get a chance, read the full patent of his guitar. He was allowed several points, which is highly unusual in any patent. The micrometer tuning machines predated the Steinberger by several years, and the way the frets were pressed through the "spine" was another brilliant idea. It's sad that Allan passed away in 2003, but he remains an important person in the modern guitar's evoution.

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